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AirQuery equips you to deliver greater business value with data.

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What is AirQuery?

Working with information is just the tip of the data iceberg. There are lots of other layers to be mindful of - scattered data on the cloud, overwhelming volumes of information, and overworked teams. AirQuery helps you rise through these layers to reach the tip easily.

For teams

If you work with creating or receiving data, AirQuery is for you.

We are that inclusive information platform that caters to the needs of employees, the requirements of business users, and the demands of data teams.


No knowledge of coding? No need to panic.

Access to business information is now efficient and user-friendly. You do not need to rely on technical teams to get the data you need for your reports. No backlogs, more productivity!

Business Users

Simple. Not superficial.

With AirQuery, you experience meaningful and complete data empowerment. You have complete self-sufficiency in how you access information, shape it, and get insights from it.

Data Engineers

Go from Zero-Data to All-Data with no code to low coding.

You can configure ELT/ ETL data flows, optimize and structure sophisticated data for downstream reporting and analytics. AirQuery provides a developer-friendly platform to build systems for making data accessible.

AirQuery Overview

We are that inclusive information platform that caters to the needs of employees, the requirements of business users, and the demands of data teams.


Don’t take our word for it. See what our clients say.

Namita Jindal

CIO of Honeywell

Orbit AirQuery made our lives easier. It’s very easy to use, manage and support. Our development time for creating reports has decreased dramatically. My business users are happy because they can use the tool themselves and get their reports quickly.

Atanu Pramanic

CIO and Co-President Hindalco

We chose Orbit Airquery enterprise wide reporting platform for Oracle EBS applications over our licensed Oracle products (OBIEE, OAC, Endeca, etc.) due to low code skills requirement and ease of implementation. The in-built charting features, flexibility and choice of reporting format & seamless integration with multiple databases made it the right choice for us. The data model and logical model gets automatically refreshed for any change in the source database, hence reducing the ETL skills requirements substantially and the project timeline. Hope the partnership between Orbit and Hindalco grows with time to make Orbit as our Enterprise wide BI platform beyond and in addition to Oracle EBS applications.

Insights at Scale Drive Operational Intelligence

Delivery of insights at scale is a key pillar of enterprise intelligence. Embedded analytics allows organizations to make data and analytics accessible to all their business workers, empowering their actions and decisions and delivering outstanding business results.

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Is your BI Stack complete?

They say that a business is only as strong as its weakest links. Is it fatal for your business to have unused potential? Or is it worse if you are allocating time and resources on solving the wrong problems? Although on the face of it, these issues seem obvious, they are not.

Our e-book, ‘Johari Window and Your Business Landscape’ invites you to probe into your business operations and see what lies beneath the obvious. We have a few case studies that will give you insights on how different companies, facing different challenges, used business information the right way to turn their story around.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is AirQuery another BI tool?

At AirQuery, we think of ourselves as the ‘un-BI’ or ‘more than BI tool’. AirQuery is a modern SAAS information platform with comprehensive coverage of all aspects of reporting and analytics. In simpler words, everything you wanted to know or learn about your business but didn’t know who to ask? We’ve got you covered.

Do check out more information about our Quicklets feature and capabilities on BI.

Does AirQuery support financial reporting?

Absolutely. With AirQuery, you get to create financial statements with the level of detail you like. You can drill down to the most minute transactional details or keep it more generic.

Do we need to have a data warehouse?

It’s not necessary. If you don't have a data warehouse, AirQuery provides you with a data warehouse on a click of a button.

Is AirQuery suited for operational reporting?

Short answer - yes.

Long answer - AirQuery is the only SAAS product that offers in-depth operational reporting features.

Can AirQuery extract data from an on-premise database?

Yes, AirQuery’s Data Jump Agents can be deployed on-premise to extract data.

How can I sign up for a trial account?

You can fill out the contact form, and we will demo the product and its features before sending you the login information.

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