No Data Left Behind.

AirQuery’s Data Pipelines can move data from 200+ data sources into your cloud-based data warehouse. No coding required. No security issues to be concerned about.

Single Source of Truth

Centralize data with ease

What are your chances of successfully centralizing data without knowledge of data engineering? With AirQuery, 99.9%. AirQuery’s Connectors automatically integrate data from various databases and business applications used across the organization. You can also consolidate data from various teams including finance, operations, supply chain, marketing, product, and manufacturing.


Assure 99.9% Reliability

AirQuery’s ELT pipelines are designed for highly reliable data delivery. Our engineers have designed these pipelines to offer pre-built schemas and handle schema and API changes. We take care to ensure end-to-end security to prevent any compromise of your data. Our tools have been tested rigorously for robustness. We also monitor our data pipelines 24x7 for any failure.


Optimized for Faster Insights

We have designed our data pipelines to be quick to set up and intuitive to use. Since we’d already laid the groundwork of gathering data, the Analytics team can focus on data analysis and insights.

Benefits of AirQuery’s Data Pipelines Business Information

Simple and safe: our motto for designing data pipelines.

Safe Data Delivery

Maintain data integrity and avoid slippages such as broken records, corrupted files, or incomplete migration.

Seamless data sync

Schedule data sync jobs that have built-in capabilities to retry failed sync jobs.

Technical support

Get technical assistance for any glitches. (If you have a connector missing, we can build one for you.)

The best time to harness the power of data is now.

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