Information Platform That’s More Than BI

With some platforms, BI is the end in itself. With AirQuery, it is a means to an end – data-driven decision making that translates into successful business. We offer a sophisticated cloud-based platform that helps business users to derive insights from data. Our intuitive dashboards, facility to work with real-time data, and other self-service capabilities make us the preferred choice of BI platform.

Reporting, Dashboards and Analytics

AirQuery is an ideal solution for operational reporting, financial reporting, and analytics. You get the nuts-and-bolts details and the bird’s eye-view. You can define your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and monitor and track them continuously in real-time. You can also capture data trends through a wide range of charts and dashboards.

Report Output Templates

Design pixel-perfect templates for documents such as invoices or purchase orders in Word or Excel.

Adhoc reporting

Search, organize, and interpret high-volume operational data quickly. Generate reports quickly, as and when needed.

KPI Monitoring

Track KPIs and relevant metrics in real-time. Capture data trends with just a few clicks.

Embedded BI

Embed AirQuery into your SaaS application or software product to deliver BI.


Leverage business insights through our intelligently-designed dashboards, charts, trend reports, and micro-charts.

Mobile BI

Securely access your operational dashboards, KPIs, and reports from any mobile device.

SQL DirectQuery

Use SQL Models to create reports that cannot be produced by semantic data models.

R and Python Scripts

Apply R (or run Python scripts) to your live data. This way, you can use advanced analytics on your existing data sources.

Data Modeling & Governance

A substantial portion of reporting and analytics centers on the ability to maintain and manage data models and data governance. Is it easy and seamless? Is it accurate and based on real-time connection? Is it secure? Can it be monitored at a granular level? We are mindful of these considerations and more. AirQuery’s sophisticated metadata layering design allows organizations to centrally enforce governance. 

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Data Sets

Promote data stewardship of creating and maintaining trusted, reliable and consistent data.

Semantic Layers

Reduces maintenance efforts and also ensures data consistency.

Data Security

Facilitates access to data while enforcing data security rules defined in relevant business applications.

Data Access and Regulation

Facilitates access to data while enforcing data security rules defined in relevant business applications.

Managing Schedules & Delivery Channels

AirQuery’s Scheduler plays a key role in process automation - planning, organizing, scheduling, and monitoring daily jobs and reports.


Reduce manual intervention by setting up a system to generate reports on a periodic basis. AirQuery’s delivery mechanism can also deliver these reports to relevant personnel automatically.

Output Delivery

Deliver reports via email, FTP, or REST API to folders including cloud storage applications.

Password Protection

Ensure reports and dashboards shared through e-mail or other delivery channels are secure and protected.

Document Bursting

Run a single report and have different information from this report delivered to users based on business rules.

Benefits of AirQuery Information Platform

Not your usual BI software.

Self-service capabilities

Democratizes BI in your team. No need for technical expertise or specialized domain knowledge to get the insights you need.

Ideal for analytics on operational data

From minute details to big picture trends. From real-time data to data tracked over time. You have it all here.

Modern BI Solution

Go for the whole AirQuery suite or pick and choose components that fit your existing BI pie. Either way, you benefit from the latest technology that the BI space has to offer.

The best time to harness the power of data is now.

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