Excel Reporting

AirQuery’s Excel Reporting tool allows you to pull real-time data from multiple applications and data sources into Excel. There you have it – all the ease of Excel with all the coverage of a modern information platform.

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Easy to use

Analyze real-time data within Excel

Data transformation need not mean a complete overhaul of your systems. And it certainly doesn’ mean doing away with Excel. If you and your team are more comfortable with Excel, AirQuery’s Excel Reporting feature is for you. 

AirQuery Excel Reporting also eliminates multiple versions of the truth by regularly refreshing live data. You will have the latest updates as you conduct your analyses.


Control access and data security

AirQuery leverages your existing enterprise security policies. This way, it doesn’t require duplicate security or user setup when you use our Excel Reporting tool. 

When the Reporting feature fetches and refreshes data in Excel, it will only update with the data that users are permitted to access with their role-based authentication. When a user wants to fetch, view, or manage reports within Excel, they will simply need to log into AirQuery Excel Reporting using their AirQuery credentials.


Get Operational Data from within Excel

Once you log in through AirQuery Excel Reporting, a world of possibilities opens up. Here’s a quick list of what you can do:

  • Browse, select, and run any AirQuery report directly from Excel. 
  • Access and generate the operational reports that you have been built in AirQuery. 
  • Select from the more than 1,000 finance, HR, supply chain, and other pre-built business reports that come with AirQuery
  • If you refresh your data, our Excel Reporting tool will automatically retain all of the custom formatting, calculations, charts, and pivots that you had taken the time to build.

Benefits of AirQuery's Excel Reporting

If Excel is your comfort zone, we make It better.

Analyze real-time data within Excel

Streamline your work by getting information from various sources in Excel.

Safe & secure

Our Excel Reporting tool supports and enforces the permission-based access the organization has put in place.

Ideal for operational reporting

Generate reports based on real-time data. Save time and boost productivity even more by using one of our 1000+ pre-built business reports.

The best time to harness the power of data is now.

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