How AirQuery Works?

AirQuery’s Data Pipelines can move data from 200+ data sources into your cloud-based data warehouse. No coding required. Extremely reliable and secure.

What is AirQuery?

Working with information is just the tip of the data iceberg. There are lots of other layers to be mindful of - scattered data in Cloud, overwhelming volumes of information, and overworked teams. AirQuery helps you rise through these layers to reach the tip easily.

Data Operations

Setting up a strong data operations framework is, in a way, foundational to organizational success. Here are some areas that AirQuery helps you with:

Data Modeling

The lifecycle of data is managed with most efficiency and ease through a centrally managed data model. AirQuery bolsters various facets of data modeling in these ways.

Data Empowerment

This is where the rubber hits the road! Here are some ways that AirQuery can help you meet (and exceed) your business goals.

Why AirQuery?

AirQuery is extremely reliable, secure and offers the following key benefits.

Helps setup a robust data operations framework

Without the right data ecosystem, reporting and analytics are not effective.

Makes data modeling easy

AirQuery is designed for data stewardship, governance and security thanks to a robust metadata design layer.

Highly flexible platform

Thanks to 150+ data connectors and the platform's data mashing capabilities, it's easy to bring together data from various sources and use the platform that way you want.

The best time to harness the power of data is now.

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