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Use Quicklets in any application to get precise, context-specific information immediately. Quicklets are the best way to democratize information.

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Contextual Data

Get targeted information at your fingertips with AirQuery’s Quicklets.

You have a lot of data and reports in ERP applications (such as Oracle, EBS, Salesforce, etc.). But you don’t have a lot of time to wade through all this information. What do you do?

Use our Quicklets to set up a system to access information on business-critical dimensions. You can do this in four easy steps:

  • Install the AirQuery extension. 
  • Select a pre-built template or customize a template based on your needs.
  • Drag and drop relevant fields and pieces of content to create these Quicklets.
  • Now you’re set! Use the Quicklets as required.
Browser Extensions

Install AirQuery Extension to Discover the Potential of your Data

Setting up Quickets is as easy as working with them. AirQuery offers an IE browser or Chrome extension that can be installed easily. 

You can use this extension to:

  • Connect to your browser-based applications. 
  • Identify your key business dimensions.
  • Create data pipelines and data models.
  • Build Quicklets. These Quicklets are linked to more detailed information. This way, your users get all the data they need for informed decision-making when they use them.

You can also integrate AirQuery with business systems such as Oracle Fusion, Oracle EBS, or any other web-based application.


Create Your Own Quicklets, As Many As You Need

With AirQuery, you don’t have to spend time understanding our software or figuring out our design. We have kept the process of creating Quicklets simple so that you can get started and get done quickly.

  • Use one of our pre-built templates or create one of your own. Think about how you want your data presented and choose accordingly. You can toggle between your Quicklet and the reports you are working on to get a holistic view of the data.
  • Identify the business dimensions you want to access in your Quicklets. As AirQuery can be integrated into any of the web-based business systems, you can choose dimensions of data stored in Oracle EBS or any other such application.
  • Build the type and number of Quicklets you need: Build any number of Quicklets for dimensions such as employees, suppliers, invoice, purchase orders, and more, based on your business needs.

Benefits of AirQuery Quicklets

Better decision-making is made faster.

Data summaries

Get only the specific pieces of information you need at a time.

Quick and efficient

No need to coordinate with teams or sift through volumes of data.

Data integrity

Consistent and accurate data, assured.

The best time to harness the power of data is now.

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