Web SQLEdge

AirQuery’s SQL editor, Web SQLEdge, is development-friendly in its design and user-interface. With our SQL editor, your team can efficiently write SQL queries and scripts  to maintain data, Stewart data, model data and monitor data allowing users the freedom with their data.

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Organize and store your queries

In a nutshell, AirQuery’s Web SQLEdge keeps your system tidy!  You don’t need to save scripts on your personal computer anymore. You don’t need to worry about version control either. With our SQL Editor, you can centrally maintain, share, and reuse scripts as SQL Models. You can also use these models to create reports that cannot be produced by semantic data models. You can also create data extracts, and do much more with your data.

Automate standard operations such as the creation of recurring reports and refreshing the dashboard periodically.

Block code

Execute Block code

AirQuery’s Web SQLEdge can be used to execute DDL & DML scripts for creating new objects in the database. These scripts also can be used for data transformation.


Modern UI/UX

As the design commandment goes, “Good design is as little design as possible.”

We have kept our user interface streamlined to support your workflow. Our UI is designed to help decision-makers using SQL dive deep into data with ease.  You can filter your results, scroll query results, and highlight errors.

Benefits of the AirQuery's Web SQLEdge

Wholesome, systematic, and organized way to work with SQL queries and databases.

Online - SQL Editor

Browser based tool that enables the SQL editor being used from anywhere and any computer.

Query Results can be Analyzed in Excel

Data can be exported to excel for further analysis or downstream requirements.

Operational Queries

AirQuery DirectSQL reports feature is integrated with SQL Editor to test queries before developing a report.

The best time to harness the power of data is now.

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