AirQuery BI solution explained with use cases.

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Business intelligence technology has gained popularity over the years, and more and more businesses are now recognizing it as vital. Cloud-based BI is not just cost-effective to manage but also provides access to more data (both Cloud and On-Premise) and data-driven decision-making that helps companies stay relevant and competitive. Therefore, it’s no surprise that businesses have started trusting and valuing it. 

AirQuery, with the power of business intelligence, enables businesses to organize, analyze and contextualize business data across the company. It offers multiple BI tools and techniques to transform raw data into meaningful, actionable insights. Read more about how AirQuery can help your business move forward with data-driven moves. 

Where can AirQuery help your business? 

In a data-driven company, every employee from every department can benefit from BI-generated insights. Sales, marketing, finance, and operations departments can use BI to perform quantitative analysis, gauging performance against business goals, obtaining customer insights, and disseminating data to identify new opportunities. Let us understand this with some case studies. 

Increase company revenue with BI 

For instance, let us consider you run an online shopping platform with approximately 10 million customers. 

  • Challenge: With over a million site visitors daily, your company executives want to understand why shoppers abandon shopping carts.
  • Solution: Your marketing planning team can implement customer experience analytics, and analysts can use company data paired with powerful analytics tools to understand where opportunities for improvement exist. It also gives an input on what strategic recommendations can be proposed to the marketing manager. The team can use this information to understand customer behavior, transform the website and also implement targeted marketing.
  • Results: With insights from the new BI analytics program, the expected outcome is an increase in customer loyalty after some period which will directly lead to an increase in sales. The changes can come from recognizing the causes of shopping cart abandonment, like a lengthy checkout process and unexpected delivery times, and fixing the situation.

BI Provides Decision-Making Process Support

For instance, your company is looking toward expansion and more data-backed decisions. 

  • Challenge: To give managers and executives greater visibility into sales, customer, and finance data to make better decisions and expand the business further.
  • Solution: Managers and executives use AirQuery business intelligence tools to generate standard and ad hoc reports.
  • Results: Company managers and executives now have instant access to the business information they require to act proactively. They can build custom dashboards with KPIs relevant to their field of focus and share the goals and performance details with their respective teams without requesting a custom report from the IT department.

Streamline internal processes and workflow with AirQuery

For example, your company is a leader in continuing education for doctors.

  • Challenges: Your phone system lacked functionality that could make its consumer service reps work more efficiently and provide better customer service. For instance, your phone system didn’t record calls and was not linked to a customer relationship management (CRM) tool.
  • Solution: You connect call center software with the AirQuery BI solution to sustain more thorough consumer interaction records and provide a comprehensive view of customer interactions.
  • Results: After implementing the new solution for your contact center, you may witness an increased agent efficiency and save the company several hours of prep time per week. 

Streamline manufacturing processes with the AirQuery BI solution 

Consider you are a global manufacturer and supplier of bearings, seals, mechatronics, and lubrication systems with several distributor locations.

  • Challenge: Your comprehensive geographic coverage and product diversity require constant market size and product demand forecasting to modify manufacturing. And the company needs to simplify the complex Excel files used to produce a demand forecast.
  • Solution: You implement the AirQuery BI solution to serve as a single source of reliable information. AirQuery is simpler and easier to use than trying to manage everything with Excel. Employees no longer have to depend on obsolete spreadsheets and can avail simple-to-understand reports and dashboards.
  • Results: AirQuery centralizes data assets into a single system, which enables your business to share data and analyses between several departments — including business development, manufacturing planning, application engineering, sales, and management. You can now combine demand forecasts between departments which improves the planning process.

AirQuery BI solution for all your business problems

AirQuery processes extensive data so your company can stay current and relevant. Competitive analysis powered by AirQuery helps companies comprehend the competition and benchmark competitor performance. This gives your business an edge and enables product and service differentiation. It helps to leverage the existing data at the right time to make accurate decisions faster.

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