AirQuery Connectors for Oracle Cloud ERP

Make cross-platform reporting easier with AirQuery

Whether operating ERP, HCM, SCM, Financials, Sales, or any other Oracle Cloud module, data migration into those modules is difficult. The underlying data must be uncluttered and accurate to harness the Oracle Cloud application's full potential. When not executed properly, data migration is the leading cause of delays, budget overruns, and overall discomfort in most implementations.

The big challenge companies struggle with is adopting Oracle Cloud applications while switching from legacy systems. This begins with a paradigm shift in how you think about your data-gathering requirements. Earlier, you might have customized your solution to suit your business practice – going into Oracle Cloud. You might be looking for ways to adapt to Oracle's best practices and use configuration and personalization to make it your own.

As part of your transition, you must make sure you are contemplating these same transformations and adaptations in your data conversion requirements. Here's where AirQuery steps in. AirQuery makes your transition journey to Oracle Cloud ERP a smooth ride. Let's discuss how.

Challenges while shifting to Oracle Cloud ERP

One of the foremost challenges you'll face when migrating data to Oracle Cloud is ingrained in your present data landscape. Every business has a unique data landscape. Your data might be stored in various applications and spread across multiple platforms. Additionally, unless you're upgrading Oracle EBS to Oracle Cloud, there is normally a significant structural disconnect between your existing database and where you want to reach tomorrow. Even between EBS and Cloud, some domains have been updated, redesigned, or restructured. It is important to take into consideration as a part of the migration process.

If you have various data sources, that's multiple sets of restructuring.

For instance – consider customer data. Each ERP system structures customer data differently. PeopleSoft and SAP customers are stored and managed in an entirely separate manner from Oracle Cloud customers. Every other platform you can consider will also have its style of structuring this data. As part of the migration, you need to transform this data in a useful and comprehensible way into a single structure that is readable and makes sense.

If your company is moving to Cloud from an on-premise system for the first time, you might be running on systems that have been around for a long time. You have been customizing these systems ever since. All this must be straightened out when you move to the Cloud. With multiple sources, a lot of work goes into ensuring that the migration of disparate legacy data into a single structured and consolidated format is carried out– regardless of what it looked like in legacy. Aligning them into Oracle takes more effort to avoid unexpected results.

AirQuery Connectors at the rescue!

AirQuery Oracle Cloud Connector is an API-led integration solution that eliminates the difficulty of extracting Oracle Cloud data for data warehouses, helping your organization integrate data with simplicity and speed. AirQuery pipelines can move data from Oracle E-Business Suite, Oracle Cloud ERP, Oracle Cloud HCM, Oracle Cloud SCM, PeopleSoft, Netsuite, and other non-Oracle applications like Salesforce, Workday, ServiceNow, Jira, and SAP. AirQuery Data Jump Data Connectors facilitate quick data analysis for business insights by collecting and converging data from all your diverse sources and replicating it into one common staging warehouse or your desired destination.

AirQuery Oracle Cloud Connectors support your organization in not just connecting applications and systems but also executing business workflows, synchronizing data across the company, setting up accessibility security for internal and external stakeholders, and so on. You can do all this with no knowledge of complex data engineering.

Cross-platform reporting with AirQuery

Oracle presents several reporting solutions like BI Publisher and OTBI. However, cross-platform reporting remains a challenge with Oracle. AirQuery's Data Jump pipelines are developed for reliable data delivery, are intuitive, and can automatically integrate data from over 200 databases/business applications used across the organization. AirQuery connectors smartly consolidate data from various teams, including finance, operations, human resources, supply chain, marketing, product, and manufacturing, so that you can focus on data analysis and insights rather than worrying about data silos and data integration.

AirQuery for a smooth Oracle adoption

While change is always uncomfortable, it is also necessary. Switching from legacy systems to Oracle Cloud might make you lose control over your data and functions. It might be challenging to leave a familiar system for a new one, and it can be quite daunting to adopt a new system as your start out initially. However, AirQuery is designed to help you swiftly adapt to the change and enhance your experience with Oracle Cloud ERP. It's simple in design and functionality, easy to use, and makes you more confident in giving control back to you without needing a lot of knowledge on data engineering.

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