AirQuery Quicklets can help your users get data ASAP!

It can help improve efficiency and data democratization in your organization.

According to Interact Source, around 19.8 % of the business time – the equivalent of one day per working week – is wasted by employees searching for data to carry out tasks effectively. Data spread across email, chat, slide decks, docs, spreadsheets, and ERP applications such as Oracle Cloud ERP, Oracle EBS, Workday, and Salesforce, is disconnected and isolated from the task.

So how do you get the data you need without wasting a lot of time?

It is simple. Imagine googling about your favorite pop star and getting all the relevant data in just 0.67 seconds. Now, imagine a similar search engine made just for your office. If you're an HR manager and want to assess an employee's performance, you can simply select their name, right-click and use Airquery to get all the data you need. AirQuery Quicklets can help you get precise, context-specific information at your fingertips in no time. It can help improve efficiency and data democratization in your organization, making the decision-making process faster.

ASAP (Accessibility, Simplicity, Accuracy, and Potential)


Quicklets can help you set up a system to access information on business-critical dimensions. Quicklets can be configured to get data from different real-time sources or a central source, ensuring everyone in the team has access to the same information. AirQuery helps you democratize data by eliminating the need to coordinate with teams or sift through volumes of data.

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You don't have to spend extra time navigating through the software to understand it. Creating Quicklets is simple so that you can get started and get done quickly.

Unlike Business Intelligence (BI) tools that keep their purview of search small or limited and require you to toggle between screens to search for information, with AirQuery, you can access data from anywhere and view the company’s records right on your screen.

Let's take the example of an HR Manager who wants to view the details of their employee. With an obsolete system in place, the chances are that you would need to navigate through multiple screens to get the relevant data. It doesn't end there. There would be other screens to navigate if you need to find other data, but Quicklets will smartly arrange the data to get everything in one place.

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AirQuery Quicklets can help you get the precise information you need involving minimal human interaction, decreasing the scope of human errors. Let's consider yet another example here. Let's say you receive an enquiry mail regarding the availability of a specific product. Instead of getting in touch with various teams to know the details, you can use Quicklet to get all the information on multiple parameters, right from the quantity available, to see the warehouse closest to the customer, expected delivery restocking time etc. You get the entire inventory on your screen within seconds without the need to compile data from different sources. If some data is missing, you can also run a request within the Quicklet, and the person in charge can feed it in. This ensures that you get back to your client with exact details as fast as possible.

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The potential to come up with sounder insights using data science is massive. Using data science, senior managers can lead the data science transformation. Enthralling them in the data lets them see the advantages and better comprehend what they must contribute to the change.

Also, Quicklets work efficiently with real-time data, ensuring direct contributions from respective end users constantly enrich it. With AirQuery, you can create as many Quicklets as possible to ensure that your team has the information they need. Quicklets can be used across domains and BI tools, making them the most comprehensive gateway for all searches.

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How can data science help your business?
Today, business users want data democratization and intelligence at their fingertips and get “data-to-insight” as quickly as possible. Quicklets eliminates the long process of getting in touch with different teams and software to extract specific information you need, saving a lot of time and effort. The software helps you get only the specific pieces of information you need at a time. It is quick and efficient and guarantees consistent and accurate data.
If data science is to be transformational, everyone must get on board. However, data science also must be democratized extensively. Restricting data science to only the higher-level experts stymies its potential and is a limiting proposition. For instance, companies are crammed with issues and data-driven decisions that can be cracked and driven by small groups of knowledge workers, middle managers, and associates using data portions in two to three months. These professionals, standing at the front lines of the institution, already understand the enterprise. AirQuery Quicklets are a perfect way to empower them with the data they need, making the entire decision-making process simple, efficient, and time-saving.  
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