Data pipelines, their benefits and application for Facebook Marketing and Google Ads

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Over the past few decades, an increasing number of businesses have embraced the use of data analytics. It helps companies to improve efficiency, make data-backed decisions, mitigate risks, and improve security. Data pipelines are among such technological tools that help you rev up your business with data analytics.  

Modern data pipelines enable your company to efficiently unlock the data within your organization. They let you pull information from multiple sources, convert data into a usable form, and replicate it into a data warehouse where you can use it to make insightful decisions. 

AirQuery data pipelines connect over 200 data sources to your cloud-based data warehouse. Let us discuss their benefits and AirQuery connectors for Facebook marketing and Google Ads. 

How AirQuery data pipelines help your business

Before we begin with what it can do for your business, first understand what a data pipeline is. A data pipeline is a series of steps that replicate raw data from a source to a destination. In the context of BI, a source could be a transactional database. The destination is where the data is analyzed for business insights. In this journey from the source to the destination, transformation logic is applied to data to prepare it for analysis. There are several benefits of the process, and here are our top six.

Gain business autonomy with centralized data

AirQuery’s Connectors automatically integrate data from various databases and business applications employed across the organization. You can also consolidate data from different teams like finance, operations, supply chain, marketing, product, and manufacturing. All business data, organized and standardized in one unified location, streamlines everything.

Increased productivity

AirQuery helps save employees and your business time as they go about their day-to-day responsibilities without manually gathering information from various teams. Neither do they need to keep double-checking information, saving time and energy to focus on deriving value from the data rather than collecting and formatting it. 

Peace of mind with data reliability and security 

AirQuery’s ELT pipelines provide highly reliable data delivery. Our engineers have designed these pipelines to offer pre-built schemas and handle schema and API changes. They ensure end-to-end security to prevent any compromise of your data. Our tools have been tested rigorously for robustness. We also monitor our data pipelines 24x7 for any failure.

AirQuery Pipelines for Facebook Marketing and Google Ads

Would you want your marketing team to focus on generating high-quality insights and content for communication channels and ads, or have them use their time gathering data on traffic and responses on different platforms manually, make reports and then work on ideas? AirQuery takes the burden of extracting data from multiple sources and presents it in a way that makes it easier for your team to come up with kick-ass campaign ideas for your company. Let's have a closer look. 

Facebook Marketing

Facebook Marketing is an extension of its online social networking service. Making strategic use of its large user base of over 1.32 billion active monthly users, Facebook has partnered with AXA Group to leverage the power of people connections for exceptionally efficient digital marketing and commercial collaboration. Facebook Marketing can reach several people with personalized sales and marketing advertisements. 

If your business is actively marketing on Facebook, you might have raw data about various campaigns. This may include your target audience, engagement and reach, budget, bid type, bid info, post schedule, and more. With AirQuery Pipelines, you can load your Facebook Marketing data into any data warehouses, lakes, or databases in minutes. 

Google Ads

Google Ads is another powerful tool that can rev up your marketing campaigns, and with the power of its search engines behind the campaign, your business is sure to take off!

AirQuery connectors for Google Ads can extract data about anything you need and replicate it on a staging warehouse, where you can inspect it to learn what is working and what is not. It allows you to sharpen your marketing strategy, target potential customers, and increase the chance of converting them to qualified prospects.

AirQuery, your one-stop destination for high-quality data analytics 

With AirQuery connectors, your business can save time, and effort and help you make data-backed decisions. Data pipelines help you benefit from faster innovation, higher quality data, improved reliability, reduced costs, and happy employees. 

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