Harness Oracle Cloud Applications' full potential with AirQuery Modern Pipelines

AirQuery Oracle Cloud Pipeline makes it easy to integrate data for BI

Modern businesses adopt various new cloud applications at a rapid and sometimes uncontrolled pace. There is an increasing shift from on-premises applications to cloud or hybrid with both cloud and on-premises components, causing substantial challenges for companies to create an integrated establishment. If your organization has shifted to Oracle Cloud, you might face various challenges incorporating the range of Oracle Fusion Application suites  (Oracle Cloud HCM, Oracle Cloud ERP, Oracle cloud SCM) with external, internal, and cloud applications. Although there are several mechanisms within Oracle Cloud ERP for data export, IT consultants and businesses still face a significant challenge in developing robust, scalable, and effortless integration solutions for specific needs.

So, is there a way to extract and assimilate data from Oracle Cloud applications, on-premise applications or other cloud applications, diverse business divisions, and business partners? Yes, the answer is quite simple with AirQuery. AirQuery Oracle Cloud pipelines can help your organization not just connect applications and systems but also execute business workflows, synchronize data across the company, set up accessibility security for internal and external stakeholders, and so on. You can do all this with no knowledge of complex data engineering.

Why would you need AirQuery pipelines?

Digital transformation happens when multiple SaaS endpoints combine data from various sources. With an increase in the number of endpoints, the complexity of delivering different stakeholders appropriate information from the same underlying data source has grown immensely. Too often, integration is managed in cloud silos or point-to-point solutions as an after-thought impacting time, quality, and cost. However, AirQuery permits organizations to assemble and rapidly scale application data extracts with advanced data management, and flexible data integration across the digital landscape.

Data pipelines for Oracle Cloud Applications

AirQuery Oracle Cloud Pipeline is an API-led integration solution that eliminates the complexity of extracting Oracle Cloud data for data warehouses, helping your organization share data with simplicity and speed. AirQuery pipelines can move data from Oracle E-Business Suite, Oracle Cloud ERP, Oracle Cloud HCM, Oracle Cloud SCM, PeopleSoft, Netsuite and other non-Oracle applications like Salesforce, Workday, ServiceNow, Jira and SAP.

With AirQuery's comprehensive data pipelines, you can:

  • Combine all types of applications, databases, and business processes
  • Maintain data integrity and avoid slippages such as broken records, corrupted files, or incomplete migration.
  • Maximize the value of your on-premise and SaaS investments by efficiently linking data and operations across applications.
  • Schedule data sync jobs that have built-in capabilities to retry failed sync jobs.

Harness Oracle ERP’s full potential with AirQuery: 

Data integration from various Oracle ERP applications can help your organization reduce project timelines with automated development but also helps your organizations understand and retain customers better and support collaboration between departments while maintaining security and compliance.

So, If you have been looking for a comprehensive data integration tool to help streamline your company’s data, visit here to get a free trial.