Harness Oracle Cloud ERP's full potential with AirQuery Quicklets

AirQuery helps you with ad-hoc analysis and extracts information with ease.

Sometimes you need data on hand as fast as possible and don't have time to coordinate with your teammates or connect with other departments to gather information. You neither have time to wait for your reporting software to create a report for the snippet of information you need. You might wish for a feature to exist that gives you the precise data you need in just a few clicks without navigating through various windows and applications. Fortunately, it does exist. With AirQuery Quicklets, you can get any snippet of information from your company data stored on different applications and clouds like Oracle Cloud ERP. It helps you adopt Oracle Cloud ERP better and increase productivity with data-backed decisions.

Oracle Cloud ERP for your business

Recent research by Nucleus shows an increasing need to transition from internally handled, on-premises operations to cloud solutions. More and more organizations understand the long-term importance of executing cloud-based solutions wherever possible.

Oracle Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning is a browser-based end-to-end Software as a service (SaaS) suite that handles business processes like financial management, accounting, project management, and procurement. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure offers tools and architecture that help enterprises seamlessly achieve cost cuttings, data sharing, superior reporting, and analytics.

How can AirQuery Quicklets help you harness Oracle's full potential?

Oracle Cloud ERP provides various standard reports and solutions that make reporting and analytics a smooth experience. However, you may not need to create a report each time you need a snippet of information that is probably stored in various Oracle applications.

For instance, you are an HR manager who wishes to know the joining date of a particular employee. Instead of searching for data through various databases or Oracle HRMS, you can select the employee's name, right-click, and run a Quicklet to get all the data you need in brief. Running a Quicklet saves a lot of time and efficiently gives you reliable information.

Similarly, receive an inquiry mail regarding the urgent availability of a specific product instead of contacting various teams to know the details or creating a detailed report. You can use Quicklet to get all the information on multiple parameters of that particular product, right from the quantity available, to see the warehouse closest to the customer, expected delivery restocking time, etc. You get the entire inventory on your screen within seconds without the need to compile data from different sources.

Unlike Business Intelligence (BI) tools that keep their purview of search narrow or restricted and require you to toggle between screens to scour for information, with AirQuery, you can access data from anywhere and view the company's records right on your screen. Quicklets can help you get precise data involving minimal human interaction, lowering the scope of human errors.

AirQuery boost for your business

AirQuery helps you with ad-hoc analysis and extracts information from virtually any platform where your company data is stored. It enables you to reduce costs combined with improved security and accessibility. AirQuery facilitates improved information sharing and data access, helps you make data-driven decision-making, and increases productivity. It makes adopting Oracle Cloud ERP easy and saves time, expense, and resources you can channel elsewhere. AirQuery increases data democratization within your organization, empowering employees, which results in higher performance and more data-backed decisions that aid your company's growth.

Running a Quicklet is like making a Google search for your company's internal data. In fact, even more straightforward than that. Don't believe us? Try it for yourself. Get a free trial at https://www.airquery.com/free-trial