Navigating the future with AirQuery GLSense Cloud Financial Reporting Solution

AirQuery GLSense: An Advanced Cloud Financial Reporting Solution

In strategic decision-making, the symbiosis of Reporting and Analytics stands as a linchpin. Fuelled by the ever-evolving landscape of technology, exemplified by ground-breaking advancements like GenAI, the fusion of technology and culture emerges as a decisive factor. Echoing the wisdom of management luminary Peter Drucker, we can confidently declare, "Culture & Technology eat strategy for breakfast."

Microsoft Excel, a stalwart in the toolkit of finance professionals at various levels like Chief Financial Officers (CFOs), Financial Controllers, and Analysts, has long been the linchpin for generating financial statements and reports. However, as transactional source systems such as Oracle ERPs grow in complexity, generating financial statements becomes increasingly intricate, posing challenges such as data governance and other issues. This often compels users to rely heavily on IT, a process fraught with complexities, time constraints, and additional costs that can impede an organization's competitiveness. 

AirQuery GLSense: An Advanced Cloud Financial Reporting Solution

Enter Excel-based Orbit’s SaaS solution, AirQuery GLSense seamlessly integrates with Oracle Fusion over the cloud and empowers finance professionals to build and generate real-time financial statements and reports at scale. The solution liberates them from concerns about data governance, enabling them to make swift and informed strategic decisions.

Data Governance: AirQuery GLSense enables finance professionals to log into AirQuery GLSense using their SSO or Oracle Fusion Cloud credentials and retrieves financial data directly into Excel, offering the ability to generate FSG statements and create unified reporting from Oracle Fusion and Legacy Oracle ERP while adhering to Oracle Fusion user and data security based on General Ledger Security Rules, data access sets, roles, and more.

Drill down to details: At any given point in time, users can drill down to Journals or Subledger applications distribution lines/ data such as Account Receivables, Account Payables, Fixed Assets, etc., in real-time, facilitating accurate strategic decision-making at a rapid pace. Eventually, it allows you to save and refresh the reports to view the latest data on demand and at will.

Quick and simplified configuration for the IT teams: While Finance teams relish the seamless connectivity and data retrieval for report and statement preparation, AirQuery GLSense simplifies the configuration for IT teams. Its plug-and-play features enable quick integration with Fusion, ensuring a faster and smoother configuration and going live in weeks.

Step into the future of financial reporting with AirQuery GLSense Cloud Financial Reporting Solution

By embracing robust data governance practices, providing real-time access, and offering a unified reporting solution, AirQuery GLSense Cloud Financial Reporting becomes the only go-to and indispensable solution for finance professionals across the globe. With its innovative solution, AirQuery GLSense streamlines financial reporting processes, ensures data accuracy, and empowers finance users to concentrate on meaningful analysis and decision-making.

Embark on a journey to discover the seamless integration capabilities of GLSense into your system by scheduling a demo with our experienced professionals and experience first-hand the remarkable efficiency of accessing data from multiple sources through a single, comprehensive tool.

This blog is authored by Dinakar Velamuri, our Associate Director.