‍Tidy up your system with the AirQuery SQL Editor 

Our SQL editor is consistent and reliable and enables high levels of data management

In contemporary computing settings, diversified database platforms are the norm. Over the years, the need to effectively use enterprise data resources has made it challenging for organizations to standardize on a single database management solution. Since data pours in numerous formats, a single platform may not handle it efficiently.

Multi-platform environments have always been a tremendous challenge for people responsible for devising and sustaining corporate databases, like the DBAs and developers. They constantly need to move between platforms at a moment's notice, reducing productivity because of the multiple tools involved and lack of familiarity with them. AirQuery SQL editor can help consolidate the toolset, reducing the complexity of database development in this type of environment. 

With AirQuery’s SQL editor, your team can efficiently write SQL queries and scripts to maintain data, Stewart, model, and monitor data giving you the freedom with your company data. It is development-friendly in its design and user interface. Read further to know what it can do for your business. 

Organize and store your queries without any hassle 

AirQuery’s SQL editor keeps your system tidy by eliminating the need to save scripts on your personal computer. No need to stress about version control either. With our SQL Editor, you can centrally maintain, share, and reuse scripts as SQL Models. It also allows you to use these models to create reports that semantic data models cannot produce. You can also create data extracts and harness the true potential of data by doing much more. 

With the SQL editor, you can automate standard operations such as creating recurring reports and refreshing the dashboard periodically.

Execute Block code

AirQuery’s SQL editor can be used to execute scripts in the database, which can also be used for data transformation.

Modern UI/UX

"Simplicity and comfort" is our motto, and that is why our user interface is streamlined to support your workflow. It is designed to help decision-makers using SQL dive deep into data with ease. You can filter your results, scroll query results, and highlight errors. 

Features that stand out:

  1. Cross-platform capabilities: Before choosing an SQL editor, you might cross-check whether the editor works on multiple platforms or is restricted to a specific operating system? As the AirQuery SQL editor is browser-based and compatible with all the operating systems, it works anywhere and on any computer.
  2. Security: You might be working with data that may be sensitive, and we ensure that your data is secured. AirQuery ensures that information is not exposed to any unauthorized user with multi-factor authentication.
  3. Error highlighting: Our SQL editor detects syntax errors and can help you write error-free queries before trying to execute them. It is particularly useful when you are writing longer queries. AirQuery DirectSQL reports feature is integrated with SQL Editor to test queries before developing a report.
  4. Easy data analysis: With AirQuery, data can be exported to Excel for further analysis or downstream requirements.
  5. Auto-completing: AirQuery SQL editor offers suggestions and auto-completes the SQL statement you are writing to help you write the queries faster and minimize errors.

AirQuery for your business 

With AirQuery browser-based SQL editor, you need not worry about the performance capabilities of your enterprise, as it controls detailed sectors of the business and creates much more free time for decision-makers to focus on areas that need extra attention. In all aspects of your business, the AirQuery SQL editor is both consistent and reliable and enables high levels of data management with security. It incorporates features that go a long way in optimizing the high speeds, large amounts of work, and storage of scores of data. 

Do you want to try it first and see whether we deliver what we promise? Visit https://www.airquery.com/contact to get a free demo.