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How AirQuery Augmatica Can Revolutionize Reporting and Analytics

The business world is changing; there’s no doubt about that. And Artificial Intelligence (AI) is at the forefront of this evolution, especially in the business space. One of the key areas it has had a significant impact on is data processing, and more specifically, reporting and analytics - taking automation to the next level, improving efficiency and accuracy, and enabling quicker decision-making. However, the application of AI in this sense and its ability to empower businesses to get the most out of their data is still relatively nascent. So let’s take a closer look at how AI can be used for reporting and analytics.

The AI Revolution

Artificial Intelligence excels at processing large data sets and extracting their patterns and insights. It then uses these insights to make predictions about the best possible action to drive outcomes and learn how to improve these predictions over time. To put it simply, using AI for reporting and analytics enables a company to get more value out of the data they have worked to gather, unify that data and make increasingly valuable predictions based on it. This helps businesses understand trends and the market and make decisions impacting their sustainability and growth.

AI analytics - a subset of BI - uses machine learning techniques to discover insights and relationships within data sets, all automatically. It takes the burden off data analysts, helping them get more done faster.

A Leap Forward

Reporting and analytics have come a long way, no longer driven by age-old statistical modeling techniques. However, AI is further transforming this sphere. Here’s how:


AI enables systems to process larger data sets and pull more insights in a shorter span of time. Furthermore, its anomaly detection learns to identify what is normal behavior for particular data sets without being told what to look for and identify deviations. It can do this at any granularity.


AI has the ability to identify anomalies and send out alerts in real time. AI-based reporting and analytics solutions leverage clustering and correlation algorithms to offer a root cause analysis, enabling issues to be remedied at the earliest. This helps save time both with identifying problems, finding solutions, and implementing them, allowing the processes to continue running smoothly without too much disruption.


AI reporting and analytics use machine learning algorithms that accurately identify several different behavior patterns and provide correlations between anomalies. The result is reports and insights that are more accurate, enabling better-informed decisions.

Level Up With Augmatica

Businesses are constantly looking for intelligent solutions and applications to continuously refine and streamline processes while solving existing problems and those that may arise in the future. At the end of the day, a business is only as successful as its ability to solve problems.

Augmatica, AirQuery’s unique AI tool, was devised to help solve business problems by further enhancing BI, reporting, and analytics. It has been designed to understand business questions and help businesses instantly avail answers without examining charts and dashboards. Users can search for information across enterprise applications or data warehouses and avail quick and accurate data and insights, helping accelerate and enhance the overall BI experience and reporting activities.

Augmatica aims to solve problems affecting businesses today and do so effectively and seamlessly. It is a zero-touch technology that sets a business up for success with minimum time, effort, and configuration complications. These issues could range from an overwhelming velocity of data and questions to chaotic situations.

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Empowering businesses with Augmatica

Augmatica empowers users with the ability to:

  • Effectively deal with time constraints
  • Locate the correct information with ease and avoid falling into the trap of incorrect or outdated information
  • Look up both metadata and real data to provide augmented results
  • Simplify complex and inflexible data structures and systems
  • Provides a contextual layer to existing BI data
  • Execute jobs effectively

What Makes Augmatica the Right Tool for Reporting & Analytics?

AirQuery’s AI tool has two main features that transform the reporting and analytics process, allowing companies to work with speed, precision, and authenticity. Getting the most out of their data and enabling swift action. These features are Smart Lookups and Discovery.

Smart Lookups

Smart Lookups like Quicklets pull up specific information on demand for particular functions. It enables users to access precise, context-driven data in no time.

It follows the principles of Accessibility, Simplicity, Accuracy, and Potential, also known as ASAP. Read more about this in the blog post here.

Smart Lookups assists with setting up systems to access information on business-critical spheres. They can be figured to source data from several real-time sources or a central source, ensuring that all concerned parties are on the same page. Smart Lookups intuitively arranges data, pulling everything required and presenting it on a single screen. It helps democratize data by eliminating miscommunication, poor coordination issues, and the need to sift through large data sets. Getting insights can also mean navigating multiple screens simultaneously, especially if you are looking for specific data plus additional screens for other data.

Smart Lookups can also be used to access information on multiple parameters, from quantity available to warehouse locations and proximity to a customer to expected delivery or restocking time, for instance, in the case of product delivery business. Managers can access the entire inventory on a screen in seconds without compiling data from different sources. Smart Lookups also allows users to send requests, asking for data that might be missing, which can then be tackled by the relevant department or team member.

This feature also works efficiently with real-time data to bring together contributions from different sources and users, continuously enriching the data bank. It is an ideal way to empower employees with the data they need to make efficient, informed, and swift decisions that make a massive difference to a company.


Augmatica’s Discovery Ask AI technology, on the other hand, allows users to explore and search for their own data trails by asking questions with the help of a natural language interface. Be it generating a financial report or looking up a contact detail to fill out an invoice, this feature helps users access the information in seconds.

The Augmatica Way

The application of AI to business reporting and analytics presents opportunities and capabilities that traditional data analysts are unable to achieve - at least not by the measure of speed, scale, and granularity. Thus, several businesses are embracing AI reporting and analytics, the advantage of adapting to continuous changes as and when they happen.

Augmatica from AirQuery is designed for efficiency. This breakthrough technology offers sophisticated searches that are comprehensive, consolidated, and complete. It provides a one-view approach that presents the results of a combined analysis of accurate data and metadata in one place, which is easily accessible by all parties concerned. This includes data from organizational reports and business applications. It helps businesses work smarter and faster and, most importantly, prepares them for whatever comes their way.

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