Reporting For Oracle Fusion Cloud, The Excel Way

Leveraging Excel add-on tools for Oracle Fusion Cloud reporting

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems are the backbone of every organization; there's no debate about that. They serve the vital function of pulling together all aspects of a business and providing a comprehensive and accurate view of its performance. And, as organizations increasingly migrate to cloud-based solutions, efficient reporting and data analysis become paramount. However, interestingly, though not surprising, Microsoft Excel prevails as one of the most valuable components in an organization's toolbelt, particularly for data analysis and reporting.

Therein lies the conundrum, as a bevy of challenges often thwarts efficient and accurate cloud ERP reporting with Excel. But to every problem, there is a solution. In this scenario, that solution is AirQuery's suite of Excel add-on tools that simplify and streamline reporting and analysis, offering enterprises the edge they need to stay competitive.

Oracle Fusion Cloud & Microsoft Excel - The Tools Of Choice

Oracle Fusion Cloud has emerged as a comprehensive ERP solution that integrates various business processes seamlessly. It is designed to connect all critical business processes seamlessly and allows enterprises to rapidly adapt to the changing business landscape and tackle emerging challenges. It intelligently automates manual tasks and employs machine learning to discern patterns and anomalies and recommend a course of action.

Similarly, Excel is the most extensively used spreadsheet software globally. It is a vital tool for analyzing and visualizing data, organizing data into a legible format, allowing users to modify fields and functions when working with complex data sets, and efficiently extracting insights. What makes Excel such an indispensable tool for enterprises of all sizes is that it is something most professionals are familiar with and trust to get the job done.

Oracle Fusion Cloud & The Challenges Of Reporting With Excel

Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP reporting comes with challenges that make it difficult to generate accurate reports. These include:

Real-Time Data Access: Excel relies on manual refreshes to access updated data. Cloud ERP systems' restrictions further complicate data access, potentially leading to discrepancies between real-time and actionable data that compromise reports.

Cloud API & Connectivity: Custom coding or cloud APIs are essential to integrate Excel with cloud-based ERPs. This requires additional setup and configuration, which can be time-consuming and prone to errors.

Data Security & Access Management: Linking Excel to the cloud potentially exposes enterprise data to risks. Conversely, restricting access to data poses a challenge to accurate reporting.

Data Volume: Excel may not handle the large data sets pulled into it, especially when dealing with complex queries or tasks.

Data Structure: Excel's data transformation capabilities are limited, and complex data transformations may require manual intervention.

Data Retrieval With Standard SQL Scripts: Fetching specific data with standard SQL scripts is limited because of the restrictions on data accessibility and the complexity of Excel integration. Availing contextually relevant data may require advanced SQL and data analysis skills, increasing dependency on developers.

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Simplifying Oracle Fusion Cloud Excel Reporting With Excel Add-ons

Oracle provides native reporting capabilities as a platform. However, these lack the familiarity that users have with Excel. Excel add-ons bridge this gap, offering enhanced functionalities that streamline the Oracle Fusion Cloud data reporting process. 

Why do you need Excel Add-on tools?

Flexibility In Data Extraction: Excel add-on tools designed as an Oracle Fusion Cloud reporting solution, provide intuitive interfaces that allow users to define custom queries and parameters for extracting the exact data they need. This flexibility is particularly valuable for Oracle Fusion Cloud ad hoc reporting that requires drilling down into specific datasets.

Accelerated Reporting: Excel add-on tools are designed to optimize data retrieval processes, significantly reducing the time required to generate reports. Users can pull data from Oracle Fusion Cloud into Excel with just a few clicks, eliminating the need for manual data entry and minimizing the risk of errors. They offer multiple Oracle Fusion Cloud reporting options, enabling improved overall efficiency within the organization.

Improved Security Measures: Excel add-on tools enhance security by providing encrypted connections to Oracle Fusion Cloud, ensuring that data is securely transferred between the cloud and the spreadsheet. Additionally, these tools allow administrators to define user access levels and permissions to minimize the risk of unauthorized data access. Thus ensuring minimal interference with Oracle Fusion Cloud operational reporting and financial reporting as well. 

What should you consider when choosing the right Oracle Fusion Cloud reporting tools for your organization?

Data Governance & Quality: Establish clear data governance policies, define data ownership, and implement data quality checks to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the information presented in reports and dashboards.

Updates & Compatibility Checks: Technology constantly evolves with updates and new platform features continuously being released, including Oracle and Excel add-on tools. Be proactive, stay informed about these updates, and perform regular compatibility checks to ensure seamless integration. This helps prevent workflow disruptions and ensures users can use the latest enhancements.

Scalability: Choose Excel add-on tools with scalability in mind. They should be able to seamlessly manage growing datasets without compromising performance.

User Training and Adoption: While Excel add-on tools are generally user-friendly and do not require extensive relearning, comprehensive training must ensure that users can leverage the available features to their full potential. It goes a long way toward minimizing errors and improving the accuracy of reports.

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AirQuery’s Excel Add-On Suite

AirQuery offers a wide range of reporting and analysis tools designed to enhance and simplify working with cloud-based systems, particularly Oracle. Improving compatibility and flexibility in reporting via Excel has been a particular area of focus to enable organizations to embrace the benefits cloud ERP systems fully offer while maintaining the comfort and familiarity of Excel. To this end, AirQuery offers a range of Excel Add-on tools that work together to offer a full suite of solutions designed to cater to an organization's unique requirements.


SQLEdge simplifies and streamlines ad hoc reporting for cloud-based data. It directly connects to      Oracle , extracting the necessary data for comparison or generating reports. It is designed to help maintain, distribute, and reuse scripts and aids with automating monotonous operations. It allows users to explore data and underlying application transactions, dashboards, and reports and leverage Excel functionalities.

SQLEdge can be used to:

  • Generate real-time ad-hoc reports in Excel.
  • Perform sophisticated data comparison between the development instance and production instance of Oracle .
  • Run custom SQL Queries, generate reports, and analyze real-time data.
  • Use the power of Excel for efficient data comparisons.
  • Perform data analysis within a spreadsheet rather than spending your time extracting data and analyzing it.


XLEdge is an extension that allows users to pull live data from multiple applications like Oracle and Oracle E–Business Suite into Excel. This helps populate reports with up-to-date, real-time data authorized users can access. It offers offline functionality that supports Excel's ad-hoc reporting and customization features.

Use XLEdge for:

  • To choose from over a thousand finance, HR, supply chain, and other business report formats certified for Oracle reporting.
  •      Advanced data security with customized user permissions that give organizations control over who has access to specific data sets.
  • Auto-refresh features that refresh data periodically to maintain real-time data integrity. It also has a manual refresh capability that can be used as required.
  • Automatic retention of all custom formatting, calculations, charts, and pivots built, even after refreshing data.
  • There are no limits on analytical capabilities beyond those imposed by Excel.
  • A business-user-first architecture that makes it easy for users to adapt to and use without heavily relying on IT teams.


GLSense is a purpose-built financial reporting software that empowers finance users to report directly from Excel on Oracle Cloud ERP and Oracle E-Business Suite for faster, more efficient financial reporting with automatic drill-down to required details. It helps enterprises simplify and automate Oracle Fusion Cloud financial reporting in Excel without the help of IT. Moreover, it reduces the complexity of the process, cuts down time spent on reporting, and provides accurate and timely information. It serves as an effective Oracle Fusion Cloud GL reporting solution.

GLSense offers:

  • A 360-degree view of General Ledger data while allowing users to get into the details at the sub-ledger level straight from MS Excel, facilitating simple Oracle Fusion Cloud GL reporting.
  • A comprehensive, holistic, real-time view of financial data by integrating data from multiple sources into a cube.
  • The ability to create and generate various FSG Reports and statements, such as Trial Balance reports, Balance sheets, or financial statements straight from the Cloud or On-premise ERPs.
  • A simple way to create financial statements and share financial reports as Excel workbooks, streamlining Oracle Fusion Cloud financial Excel reporting.  
  • Elimination of multiple tools, saving time and resources for finance teams. It also breaks data silos and creates a single source of truth (SSOT).
  • Real-time ad-hoc reporting to enhance decision-making and agility in Oracle Fusion Cloud General Ledger reporting.

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Empower Enterprise’s Toolbelt With Excel Add-Ons

Excel, as a reporting and analytics tool, will be around for a while, and as more organizations migrate to cloud ERP systems, bridging the gap is essential. Leveraging Excel add-on tools for Oracle Fusion Cloud reporting is a strategic investment for organizations seeking to enhance their data extraction, security, and visualization capabilities. AirQuery's Excel Add-ons efficiently bridge this gap between complex enterprise data and user-friendly reporting, allowing organizations to be more informed, react faster, and make data-driven decisions, all while retaining the comfort of working with the software they trust. 

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